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Gem Detector

The quest for the next big crypto gem is fraught with challenges, but Gem Detector transforms this pursuit into an exciting adventure of discovery.

Gem Detector uses on-chain data, social media analysis, and deep learning to identify emerging tokens and perform real-time audits and risk assessments. This tool provides detailed analyses, empowering users to make informed investment decisions with precision.

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Key Features

Multi-Chain Surveillance

Cast a wide net across various blockchains, capturing emerging tokens in real-time, ensuring no potential gem remains hidden, regardless of its origin.

AI Scouting

Employ cutting-edge algorithms and deep learning models to automatically sift through and evaluate new tokens, highlighting those with the highest potential for growth.

Risk Assessment

Navigate the treacherous waters of new investments with a built-in risk assessment feature, meticulously analyzing each token's viability and security to safeguard your treasure hunt.

Trend Beacon

Illuminate the path forward with analytics that trace social media buzz and market sentiments, shining a light on tokens poised for popularity and success.

Alert Compass

Tailor your voyage through the crypto sea with personalized alerts that signal when potential gems match your criteria, ensuring you're always first to the treasure.

Telegram Bot

Stay connected to the hunt with a Telegram bot that delivers real-time updates on newly discovered gems, keeping you informed and engaged with the latest opportunities.

User Benefits

Hidden Gems Discovery

Gem Detector streamlines your journey to uncover hidden crypto gems, making it effortless to discover tokens with high potential that align with your interests. This reduces the overwhelming task of sifting through countless new launches to find those with real promise.

Data-Driven Insights

By leveraging comprehensive data analysis and cutting-edge evaluation techniques, Gem Detector provides investors with a transparent view of each token's potential and associated risks. This clarity enhances decision-making, paving the way for more successful investments.

Portfolio Optimization

Equip yourself with the insights needed to fine-tune their investment approach, enabling a more informed assessment of risk versus reward. This empowers investors to strategically diversify their holdings, optimize their investment strategy, and mitigate potential pitfalls.

Forefront Positioning

With access to advanced AI and predictive analytics, users gain a crucial advantage in identifying and acting on emerging opportunities. This foresight allows them to capitalize on promising tokens before they hit the mainstream, securing a competitive position in the fast-paced crypto market.


Gem Detector Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kryll³ Gem Detector?

The Gem Detector is an advanced tool designed for the analysis of newly minted tokens, evaluating their robustness and potential within the market. This feature is instrumental in identifying high-potential investments by scrutinizing the solidity of emerging tokens.

When will Gem Detector be available on Kryll³?

Gem Detector, along with the broader suite of Kryll³ features, will be progressively launched starting from Q2 2024, marking a significant milestone in democratizing access to cryptocurrency insights.

Which blockchains are compatible with Gem Detector?

Initially compatible with Ethereum, Solana and Layer 2 EVMs, Gem Detector's reach is set to expand. Future updates will include compatibility with Doge, Base, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB Chain, and other Layer 2 solutions, ensuring a broad spectrum of the crypto ecosystem is covered.

What types of data are used to assess the risks of new tokens?

Gem Detector utilizes the comprehensive analysis methodology of X-Ray, enriched with criticality analyses such as rug pulls and honey pots, and AI predictive analytics. This unique combination offers a risk assessment based on on-chain data, price behaviors, and initial trading patterns on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), providing a well-rounded evaluation of new tokens.

What is the cost of using Gem Detector?

Access to Gem Detector alerts and advanced features requires holding tokens, which provides users with alert credits. Additionally, a subscription model is available for those preferring to use a credit card, offering flexibility in accessing Gem Detector's capabilities.

What are the features of the Telegram bot, and how can I use it?

The Telegram bot facilitates personalized notifications about emerging tokens aligned with your interests, such as Layer 2, AI, Meme Coins, DeFi, Gaming, etc. This feature allows users to stay informed about potential investment opportunities within their specified narratives.

How does Gem Detector stand out from other market analysis tools?

Gem Detector sets itself apart with its focus on early detection, multi-chain surveillance capabilities, automated analysis, trend tracking, and customizable alerts. It empowers users to discover hidden gems and capitalize on emerging market trends before they become mainstream.

How does Gem Detector manage the risk of rugs and the safety of the tokens?

Given that rug pulls represent a significant portion of malicious activities in the crypto space, Gem Detector employs extensive on-chain analyses. This includes evaluations of the smart contract, liquidity distribution, and the historical actions of contract holders. Combined with deep learning models, Gem Detector assigns a criticality score to new tokens, aiding users in navigating investment risks confidently.

Does the product provide recommendations or advice on when to buy/sell tokens?

While Kryll³’s tools, including Gem Detector, offer comprehensive information for informed decision-making, they do not provide financial advice or specific buy/sell recommendations. Users are empowered with all necessary data, presented in an understandable format, to make their investment decisions.

Why use Gem Detector and how?

Gem Detector is a powerful tool for those looking to explore the unknown and diversify their investment portfolio with emerging tokens not yet on the mainstream radar. It provides a structured approach to discovering high-potential, under-the-radar assets before they become widely recognized. However, investing in emerging coins is among the riskiest types of investment due to their unproven nature and the volatile market environment they inhabit. Therefore, Gem Detector is designed for use in a well-informed and cautious manner, enabling investors to make better decisions by offering comprehensive insights into the potential and risks associated with new tokens.