The domain of Web3 finance, encompassing both Centralized and Decentralized Finance (CeFi/DeFi), has witnessed substantial expansion in recent years, bringing a transformative phase in the provisioning and utilization of financial services. Despite the rapid progress and the envisioned democratization of finance, the DeFi sector, in particular, is beset with intricacies. These include, among others, considerable barriers to entry for novices, an intense learning curve, and the inherent risks tied to the fluctuating cryptocurrency market. The escalating diversity of digital assets and the enhanced complexity of DeFi platforms call for novel, sophisticated solutions aimed at mitigating these challenges, improving user engagement, and equipping users with comprehensive analytical tools. Kryll³ stands at the vanguard of this innovation, marrying AI with blockchain technology to democratize insights in DeFi. This white paper explains the fundamental elements and unique advantages of Kryll³, underlining its dedication to nurturing a knowledgeable, inclusive, and empowered DeFi community.