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$KRL Tokenomics

The KRL token is the native utility token of the Kryll³ ecosystem, designed to facilitate access to the platform's suite of advanced crypto trading and analysis tools, foster community engagement, and drive the project's growth and development. The token's unique tokenomics model combines utility, governance, and auto-holding mechanisms to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

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$KRL Token Details

Token name KRL

Token type ERC-20

Token address 0x464eBE77c293E473B48cFe96dDCf88fcF7bFDAC0

Circulating supply

36,557,768 KRL

Total supply

49,417,348 KRL

Token Advantages


Unlock advanced features with KRL tokens in Kryll³. Stake for premium tools like SmartFolio, X-Ray and Gem Detector, accessing exclusive insights. Higher stakes mean better services, fostering long-term engagement.

Non-Custodial holding mechanism

Kryll³ employs a non-custodial holding mechanism, rewarding users for holding KRL tokens in personal wallets. This approach fosters decentralization, trust, and user empowerment within the ecosystem.

Ecosystem growth and adoption

The KRL token fuels Kryll³ ecosystem's expansion. Enjoy 0% taxes on both buy and sell transactions and unlock exclusive safety features on the scanner with your tokens in a fair way

Liquidity and exchange listings

Kryll³ fosters liquidity by partnering with top exchanges like Coinbase, Kucoin, and Uniswap v3, offering users ample opportunities to trade and utilize KRL tokens.

Governance (DAO)

KRL token enables active participation in Kryll³ ecosystem governance via DAO. Holders propose, vote, and implement changes. Votes weighted by KRL holdings ensure community-driven decisions, fostering transparency and decentralization.


Exploring the $KRL Token

What is the $KRL Token?

$KRL is the native utility token of the Kryll platform, established in 2018 as the cornerstone of the Kryll ecosystem. It is designed to power the Kryll³ platform, facilitating access to premium features, services, and the platform's innovative suite of crypto trading and analysis tools.

What is the total and maximum supply of $KRL?

The total and maximum supply of $KRL tokens is capped at 49,417,348, reflecting a commitment to a low and limited supply strategy. This approach underscores the token's value proposition and its role within the Kryll ecosystem.

Have there been audits on the $KRL smart contract?

Yes, the $KRL smart contract has undergone multiple audits to ensure its security and integrity. These rigorous audits are part of Kryll's commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and reliability for its users.

What is the circulating supply of $KRL?

The circulating supply of $KRL is approximately 77.80% of its total supply, indicating a substantial portion of the tokens are actively engaged within the ecosystem.

Where is $KRL listed, and are there liquidity pools available?

$KRL is listed on several prominent centralized exchanges (CEXs) including Coinbase, Kucoin, Bybit, and, offering broad accessibility. Additionally, $KRL is available in Uniswap's v2 and v3 liquidity pools, supporting decentralized trading activities.

What are the planned cross-chain developments for $KRL?

Kryll is exploring cross-chain expansion to Base and Arbitrum, aiming to enhance $KRL's interoperability and accessibility across different blockchain ecosystems. This strategic move will broaden the token's utility and adoption.

How does holding $KRL unlock premium features and services on Kryll³?

Holding $KRL tokens grants users access to premium features and services on the Kryll³ platform, including advanced trading tools and exclusive insights. This feature-access model encourages long-term holding and active participation in the ecosystem.

What utility does the $KRL token offer?

$KRL serves multiple utilities, including purchasing additional credits for platform services, accessing premium features, and participating in buy-back programs funded by subscription fees. This multifaceted utility ensures $KRL's integral role within the Kryll ecosystem.

How does Kryll support mass adoption and benefit token holders?

Kryll provides a free public platform for $KRL token holders, promoting mass adoption by making advanced trading and analysis tools accessible to a broader audience. This approach not only democratizes crypto trading but also adds value to the Kryll community.

What are the long-term goals for $KRL and the Kryll platform?

Kryll aims for the decentralization of governance and infrastructure through the DAO, with plans to integrate Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) by 2026. This vision includes expanding partnerships and leveraging DAO mechanisms to empower the community, steering the platform towards a more decentralized and user-governed future.