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Automated trading is becoming increasingly popular among crypto investors looking for a safer and more efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies, but few platforms truly allow you to easily create and optimize your own bots. With this goal in mind, was created to become the preferred solution for traders seeking user-friendliness, efficiency, and transparency.

Kryll's Competitive Matrix

Kryll aims to offer traders an efficient, affordable and transparent alternative to traditional trading methods by providing an easy-to-use platform for creating and optimizing bots. Find out more about the platform's strengths and how Kryll has become a leading alternative to the competition: 3Commas CryptoHopper BitsGap HaasOnline Quadency Shrimpy TradeSanta
Support Multiple Exchanges
User-friendly / Easy of Use
Free Multi-Porfolio Management
Powerful Trading Terminal
Advanced Behavior Trading Bots Editor
Free Backtests With 5 Years of Market Data Down to 1 min Timeframe
Bot Marketplace
Transparent Marketplace
Webhooks/TradingView Integration
Pay as You Go

Efficiency and Transparency

Kryll aims to offer traders an effective, affordable and transparent alternative to traditional trading methods by providing an easy-to-use platform for creating and optimizing bots.

Is Kryll a good alternative to 3commas?

3COMMAS is a web platform that allows for managing cryptocurrency exchanges across multiple exchanges. Like, it offers a range of tools and functions to help traders automate their trading, with an advanced trading terminal, portfolio management tools, and trading bots. Users can configure trading scenarios or simplistic strategies and execute them automatically. The platform also offers a variety of technical indicators and tools to help traders analyze market trends and make trading decisions.

Why is Kryll the best alternative to 3commas?

Trading terminal:
Kryll offers a quality Trading Terminal similar to 3commas, but unlike 3commas, access to this feature does not require a subscription. This makes the platform more affordable for traders, whether they want to use this feature intensively or occasionally. Kryll also allows its users to share their trading setups with the community and be rewarded by the community in return.

Portfolio management:
Kryll offers unlimited and free portfolio management tools! On, you can monitor your crypto assets on all your exchanges in a unified way and perform quick currency conversions with just 1 click. In comparison, 3commas charges for this feature.

TradingView Integration:
Kryll has more advanced webhook integration features than 3commas, allowing for more precise configuration of trading bot controls. With Kryll, traders can use webhooks to start and stop bots, as well as incorporate these signals into their trading strategies to create much more complex trading scenarios and behaviors.

Strategy editor:
Kryll allows users to create and test their own automated trading strategies with a powerful no-code editor, which is not available on 3commas that only has a few simplistic bots. With Kryll's editor you can mix behaviors, indicators, time units; but also create behavioral loops, create contextual subroutines for your robots and all of this as if you were playing with Legos®.

Kryll can therefore be a better choice for traders who want more control and customization over their trading strategies, as well as a consumption-based pricing model.

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Is Kryll a good alternative to Cryptohopper?

Cryptohopper is a cloud-based platform that allows cryptocurrency traders to create simple trading strategies. Like Kryll, the platform integrates with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and enables traders to execute basic trading bots by selecting pre-built models. Cryptohopper has a marketplace where traders can purchase trading strategies, signals, and models created by other users.

Why Kryll is the best alternative to Cryptohopper?

Trading Terminal:
Absent on Cryptohopper, Kryll proposes a powerful Trading Terminal with an easy-to-use interface, allowing for configuring complex trades including entry zones, multiple take-profit levels, trailing stop, timeout stop-loss… The Terminal also offers the possibility to create automatic configuration links to share and receive $KRL Tokens in return.

Powerful Strategy Editor:
While Cryptohopper's strategy editor allows users to create basic strategies based on simple signals, Kryll allows users to create true algorithmic trading bots using behavioral flows and advanced logic through its online no-code editor. This allows for the construction and testing of any trading strategy with ease!

Multi-Timeframe Strategy:
A key advantage that Kryll has over Cryptohopper is its ability to create and test trading strategies that can change time frames based on the market or its own behavior. This allows traders to optimize their strategies over multiple time frames, which can be essential for creating real trading strategies in the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

Fair and Impartial Marketplace:
The bots for sale at Cryptohopper lack transparency, user comments, and readability on historical performance. Additionally, these crypto robots must be purchased, which can quickly become disappointing and expensive. In contrast, Kryll's Marketplace provides users with all the analysis tools they need to analyze historical results, live sessions, risk levels, and user feedback to make an informed choice. On Kryll, strategies are not for sale but offered on a pay-per-use basis, without commitment.

With a more user-friendly interface, a more advanced strategy editor and better transparency of its Marketplace, Kryll offers an attractive and effective alternative to Cryptohopper.

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Is Kryll a good alternative to Bitsgap?

Bitsgap is a platform offering automated cryptocurrency trading tools and portfolio management for traders. It allows users to trade across multiple platforms, set up some basic trading robots, and track their portfolio performance in real-time.

Four reasons why Kryll is a better option than Bitsgap:

Advanced Trading Bots:
While Bitsgap only offers 2 types of bots (Grid and DCA) and 5 weeks of backtest history, Kryll provides you with a real strategy editor to create your own trading strategies and express your creativity. Numerous open-source DCA, Grid Trading, Scalping or Swing Trading strategies are also available for free on the marketplace to inspire you or use as-is.

Integration TradingView:
Bitsgap does not support the integration of Tradingview or any other signal and alert service offering the Webhook functionality. Kryll offers this functionality for free, allowing you to create even more complex hybrid trading scenarios and capitalize on your custom alerts, indicators, or Pine Script trading strategies by automating your buy and sell orders from TradingView.

Platform availability:
While Bitsgap is solely web-based, Kryll offers a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices, providing traders with more flexibility in managing their digital assets. With Kryll, you can trade easily and quickly, anytime, anywhere. The Kryll app also enables you to pilot your trading bots and navigate the Marketplace from your smartphone.

Kryll's pricing plans are more flexible than Bitsgap's and adapt to your needs. Indeed, Kryll offers a consumption-based pricing model for its advanced features, and free basic features as well as the creation and backtesting of your strategies. Our users particularly appreciate this freedom, which allows them to be profitable on Kryll even with a low capital, without the burden of a monthly subscription.

Kryll thus offers a convincing alternative to Bitsgap for traders who demand more customization and advanced features. The no-code editor of Kryll and the advanced integration of Webhook allow for unparalleled flexibility in creating your trading strategies.

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Is Kryll a good alternative to HaasOnline?

HaasOnline is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a strategy creation tool called HasScript. This proprietary language allows traders with programming knowledge to create custom trading strategies.

Why is Kryll the best alternative to HaasOnline?

Trading Bot Editor:
The Kryll no-code editor is as powerful as HaasOnline's and much more user-friendly and intuitive! It allows traders to easily create, test, and execute their trading strategies without having to write any code. Kryll allows you to visually create thousands of strategies, integrate signals generated by external sources such as TradingView® or your own AI models without wasting time on development.

Pricing Model:
The pricing model of Kryll is more flexible and profitable than HaasOnline's subscription-based model. Kryll offers a consumption-based pricing model for its advanced features, allowing traders to only pay for what they need, rather than being locked into a monthly subscription.

Free Portfolio Manager:
Kryll offers a free portfolio manager connected to your cryptocurrency exchanges that allows you to constantly monitor the performance of your crypto assets and switch between them with one click. And the best part is that this feature is free, without the need to subscribe to any kind of subscription.

Community Built Bot Marketplace:
Kryll offers a Bot Marketplace allowing traders to access live data for each automated trading strategy available on the platform. Kryll's marketplace offers comprehensive performance indicators such as the gain/risk ratio, average gain per trade, registered Max Drawdown, and many others. In addition, it offers filters to refine the search for strategies based on different criteria, such as traded assets, risk level, or trading frequency, allowing traders to find strategies that fit their trading objectives.

If you are one of the traders who appreciate simplicity, efficiency and clarity, Kryll is a solid alternative to HaasOnline with a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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Is Kryll a good alternative to Quadency?

Quadency is a cryptocurrency asset management platform that allows users to connect multiple exchange accounts in one place. The platform offers a trading experience compatible with a selection of CeX exchanges and their proprietary exchange QUADX.

Why Kryll is the best alternative to Quadency:

Personalization of trading bots:
While Quadency offers pre-built trading bots only based on one of the supported basic indicators, Kryll provides a complete no-code editor that allows traders to create their own custom trading strategies using a wide range of indicators, parameters, and time units that can be combined at will. Thanks to its Visual Flow Programming concept, Kryll allows you to create an infinite number of different behaviors and adapt your robot to any market situations it might encounter.

Transparent Marketplace:
Quadency's copy trading may be opaque for users, making it difficult to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of their bots and trading signals. In addition, their selection is based only on backtests and not on real trading data. The Kryll platform, on the other hand, offers full transparency on the performance of all strategies available on its bot marketplace by providing you with real performance data and several indicators measuring the effectiveness and historical risks incurred by each strategy for each digital asset it is executed on.

Advanced Trading Terminal:
Quadency does not offer an advanced trading terminal, while Kryll provides a feature-rich terminal with advanced charting tools and extended trading capabilities for planning and executing automatically. With Kryll, you can easily place buy zones, stop orders, tiered take-profits, stop-losses, and stop-break-even options in one go and maximize your profit opportunities.

Integration of External Signals:
Kryll proposes a Webhook integration with TradingView and other third-party platforms, allowing crypto traders to create complex trading scenarios based on real-time market data. Connect your bot to one or several TradingView indicators in minutes using the Kryll editor's webhook block and define the behavior you want to see applied by your Crypto Robot.

The more customizable trading bots of Kryll, its transparent marketplace, its advanced trading terminal, and its third-party integration capabilities make Kryll a preferred alternative to Quadency.

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Is Kryll a good alternative to Shrimpy?

Shrimpy is a portfolio rebalancing tool and trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Shrimpy focuses on automated portfolio management and organic portfolio growth.

4 reasons why Kryll is the best alternative to Shrimpy:

Multi-Exchange Portfolio Management:
Kryll offers for free its multi-exchange portfolio management tool as well as the possibility to Swap (exchange) different cryptocurrencies. At Shrimpy, these features are either limited or charged through a subscription model.

Advanced Trading Terminal:
Unlike Shrimpy, Kryll offers an advanced trading terminal with a wide range of charting tools and trading capabilities, allowing traders to create more complex trading actions, including stop orders, multiple take profits, trailing stops, or break-even stops.

Pay Per Use Model:
While Shrimpy quickly requires a subscription for standard use of their service, Kryll offers a significant part of its features (Portfolio management, strategy creation, unlimited backtests…) and relies on a consumption-based pricing model for more advanced features. This allows traders to only pay for the features they use and for more modest users to also benefit from cutting-edge tools to optimize their trading.

Customizable Trading Bots:
Kryll allows algo traders to create their own customized trading bots, optimized for various trading scenarios such as investing, swing trading, scalping, rebalancing, and much more. In comparison, Shrimpy's rebalancing option may seem quite limited.

If you are looking for a complete and effective alternative, Kryll is the best replacement solution for Shrimpy due to its advanced trading terminal, flexible consumption-based pricing model, free multi-exchange portfolio management, and customizable trading bots.

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Is Kryll a good alternative to TradeSanta?

TradeSanta is a cloud-based software platform that provides cryptocurrency trading bots and portfolio overview. The platform allows users to connect to major cryptocurrency exchanges and execute DCA or Grid strategies, and offers basic swap.

Why Kryll is the best alternative to TradeSanta?

Advanced Trading Bots:
While TradeSanta only offers basic bots such as DCA or Grid Trading, Kryll offers a bot editor and strategy templates to create your own advanced trading robots. Creating custom investment strategies based on technical analysis, Swing-Trading robots, Price-Action automation, and Scalping bots has never been easier!

Advanced trading terminal:
Fan of manual trading? With Kryll's trading terminal automation, traders can take advantage of a whole set of extended orders not available on exchange platforms, all from one place. From Range Orders, Stop Orders, Tiered Take Profits and Double Check Trailing Stop Loss, configure and execute high potential trades in seconds while limiting risks.

Community and Transparency:
While TradeSanta does not have a marketplace, the Kryll community offers dozens of profitable open-source or rental bots. At Kryll, traders can share and monetize their trading strategies, or rent them out themselves, as Kryll provides full transparency on the performance of all strategies available on its marketplace.

Integration of TradingView Alerts:
Kryll allows traders to interface their account with third-party platforms such as TradingView and use their external alerts and indicators to further automate their trading!

Kryll offers a great alternative for any trader looking for more control and flexibility in their trading. With its combination of advanced bots, trading terminal, marketplace and consumption-based pricing model, Kryll is THE platform you need.

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