8. Team and Advisors

The success of Kryll³ is driven by a dedicated team of professionals and a board of experienced advisors who bring together a wealth of expertise in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, finance, and business development. This collective knowledge and experience are pivotal in guiding Kryll³’s strategic direction and ensuring the realization of its ambitious vision.


8.1 Core Team

Founder and CEO | Luca BENEVOLO: A visionary leader with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and a track record of successful entrepreneurial ventures in the tech, video games and finance sectors. Luca’s leadership is instrumental in steering Kryll³ towards its mission of democratizing access to crypto investments.

Founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) |  Philippe LONGERE: With extensive experience in software development and blockchain solutions, Philippe leads the development of Kryll³’s innovative platform, overseeing the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning.

CPO (Chief Product Officer) |  Paul COLLORAFI: Specializing in product strategy and user experience, the CPO ensures that Kryll³’s offerings meet the highest standards of usability and functionality, aligning with the needs and expectations of the crypto investment community.

CMO (Head of Strategy) | Sebastian GANJALI: An expert in digital marketing and community engagement, the CMO is responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with Kryll³’s user base, as well as driving the platform’s growth through strategic marketing initiatives.



8.2 Advisory Board

Kryll³’s advisory board comprises industry experts and thought leaders who provide strategic guidance and insights into the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Their expertise covers a range of disciplines, including finance, regulatory compliance, technology development, and strategic growth.

The combined expertise and dedication of Kryll³’s team and advisors are foundational to the platform’s development and success. By drawing on a diverse range of skills and experiences, Kryll³ is well-positioned to lead the way in crypto asset intelligence and investment, paving the path towards a more accessible and informed digital finance ecosystem.