5. Technology and Architecture

The foundation of Kryll³’s cutting-edge suite of products is built upon a highly innovative and scalable serverless architecture. This approach, developed in close partnership with Cloudflare, enables Kryll³ to offer a resilient and efficient service that meets the dynamic demands of the crypto market. The architecture’s core is composed of modular microservices, which are designed for eventual decentralization and hosting by multiple entities. This structure ensures not only high availability and fault tolerance but also aligns with the decentralized ethos of the blockchain space.


5.1 Serverless Architecture and Microservices

Kryll³’s serverless architecture leverages the power of Cloudflare’s global network to deliver fast, secure, and scalable solutions. By utilizing microservices, Kryll³ can rapidly develop, deploy, and manage its suite of tools, allowing for continuous innovation and adaptation to market changes. This modular approach facilitates the easy integration of new features and services, ensuring that Kryll³ remains at the forefront of technology.


5.2 Front-End Technology

The front-end of Kryll³ is built on modern, efficient frameworks that ensure a seamless and responsive user experience. These technologies enable the platform to deliver complex data visualizations and interactive elements with high performance, enhancing the user’s ability to make informed decisions quickly.


5.3 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AIML)

Machine Learning has been a big part of Kryll since its beginning in 2018, with a focus on Sentiment analysis (applied to Twitter to try and correlate Twitter activity with trading opportunities) and LTSM applied to intra-minute candle generation for optimal backtests.Kryll³’s AI capabilities are grounded in the more than five years of machine learning expertise developed by Cryptense. The AI component is a critical driver of Kryll³’s analytical power, enabling the platform to offer deep insights and predictive analytics across its product suite.

AIML : Streamline trading data

Within the Kryll³ project, the Cryptense team will leverage their extensive experience in sentiment analysis and machine learning to dissect and interpret market trends and asset data from the DeFi sector. This expertise is aimed at crafting sophisticated yet user-friendly tools that enable users to easily access and understand DeFi data. The ultimate goal is to equip users with actionable insights and recommendations, simplifying their decision-making process in the fast-evolving DeFi landscape.

K Agent: Revolutionizing LLM Integration with KortexFlow

​​A cornerstone of Kryll³ will be an entirely new form of man-machine interface, enabling everyone to interact with our tools in a simple, intuitive way. The K Assistant, will serve as a conversational AI agent, guiding users through the complexities of the crypto market and providing educational and personalized insights.

Powered on KortexFlow, a proprietary technology developed by Cryptense in 2023, this assistant will leverage our innovative framework which allows for the creation of high-quality agnostic agents, capable of integrating and leveraging both proprietary and open-source models. This flexibility enables Kryll³ to blend various AI/LLM models, optimizing the analysis of real-time data with unparalleled accuracy and depth. K will be deeply integrated with all Kryll³ products, including SmartFolio, X-Ray, Gem Detector, and Harpoon. Users can engage in natural language conversations with the assistant, asking questions about their portfolio performance, seeking advice on potential investments, or requesting explanations of complex market trends. K will offer an unprecedented level of accessibility and understanding for users of all skill levels.


5.4 Data Infrastructure and Partnerships

Kryll³’s infrastructure is supported by strategic partnerships with leading technology providers such as Scaleway. These collaborations ensure robust and secure data storage solutions, crucial for the vast amounts of information processed by Kryll³’s platforms. Scaleway’s infrastructure provides the necessary computational power and data security, allowing Kryll³ to focus on delivering high-quality AI-driven insights.